Friday, March 9, 2007

Time Change

Here in the USA we will be changing the clocks on Saturday night/Sunday morning, thereby making the transition to Daylight Savings Time. By edict of the Federal Government, we must all set our alarms for, or stay up until 2AM and at that point move the time backwards 23 hours or forward one hour on every timepiece in the house/apartment/condo/office/barn/garage. After making the prescribed changes to the aforementioned timepieces, we must call the United States Bureau of Time and report that the transition to Daylight Savings Time was successful. To fail to do so could result in prosecution by the Feds.

How do you do it in your country?


Midnight2sticks said...

Hi Neil-I think I am one of the few people who absolutely HATE Daylight Savings Time. It annoys me. It seems wrong. I admire the renegade states who say, "no"! No, to DST! Welcome to the blog world, you are funny on Jawbone.


Neil said...

thanks, shannon. And for me the worst of it is having to figure out how to change my watch again.