Friday, November 30, 2012

Another Desperate Redesign

In order to keep up with the competition, I have updated the look of Fishbrick, utilizing Blogger's popular brownish template.  I changed the colors and fonts of the texts, too.  You may also have noticed that the graphic of the fish and the brick have been removed and replaced with nothing.  A recently completed study by the Institute of Blog Design (IBD) found that pictures of  fish combined with bricks elicited negative reactions from the public, ranging from vague feelings of ennui and listlessness, to boils on the skin.  I always rather liked the drawing, generously furnished by Lenny (famed for his Jawbone Radio blog, his popular Twitter feed, and his jalapeno rum squares), but I am not one to cavil with the results of an esteemed fictional institute like the IBD.

Another innovation in what I like to call the New Fishbrick is a decreased usage of the letter z, which will tend to expedite, or streamline, the reading process.  Also, notice that the blog is actually a full inch wider than it used to be, a change recommended by IBD experts in their semiannual list of random recommendations.  So far, the feedback on these major changes has been largely ambivalent, owing to the general lack of interest by the public in uninteresting blogs.

But I am not deterred by the public's continuing ignorance of Fishbrick, and I am sure that the changes I've made are for the better, whether they be known widely or not.  And though the changes have not yet had the desired effect of attracting new readers, there is no reason to think that blog enthusiasts will not ultimately flock to this website, even if they flock very slowly.  With that possible outcome in mind, I will continue to produce productive product of the highest quality.  For high quality, even when it is ignored by good and rational people, is nothing at which to sneeze.

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Knorah said...

The redesign is a success. The whole site is browner than ever!