Friday, April 6, 2007


It's cold outside, man,
This Tuesday it was 80,
I can't feel my toes!


Justin said...

Cannot feel your toes?
Work on flexibility.
I suggest yoga.

Monica said...

Or perhaps there's something wrong with your fingers? Try using another of your 5 senses... perhaps your eyes... can you SEE your toes? If you can't see them you might need glasses. ;-)

Neil said...

Or, if I can't see my toes, I might need to lose weight. (I don't need glasses).

Monica said...

Nah - I just saw you this past weekend. Anyone who starts doing abdominal exercises on Friday night during an evening gathering isn't likely to be a NutriSystem candidate.

And I'm SURE that if you ever did wear glasses it would only be as research for an upcoming theatrical performance. (This comment applies as long as you don't start bumping around like Mr. Magoo.)